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What is E-Billing?

E-Billing is a process that allows service providers to complete invoices over the Internet for automated processing and payment. This expedited process helps to insure that invoices are prepared accurately and payments are received more reliably.

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What is the Service Provider Portal?


The Vendor Portal is an internet site where vendors have the ability to view a list of all the consumers who have authorizations, obtain accurate information regarding units authorized per month and the start/end dates for the authorization.

How do I bill for Alternative Services?

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Important Provider Information

Important Ebilling and Vendor Portal System Information

The New Service Provider Portal is now Available!

We are happy to announce that the updated Service Provider Portal is available and no longer requires the Java Program installed on your computer! It is easy to login and use in any Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Etc.) on both Mac, Windows and even mobile devices.

IMPORTANT: This new SPP program requires a change to the printing of all reports, including List My Service Providers, List My Consumers, Open Auths last Month, etc. You can continue to print these useful reports, but you will need to first email the report to yourself before printing, just like you do to access the forms (authorizations and invoices).


    1) The New SPP Tutorial – YouTube Video.

    2) Using the New SPP as a Standard User – PDF.

    3) Super User Setup – PDF


How can I begin Using the SPP?

o    1) Download the SPP-FORM – PDF.

o    2) Email to

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